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New vacuum hoses in stock

BVC proudly presents a new line of vacuum hoses! More functions, better quality and ergonomic handling.

BVC always wants to provide the best quality at reasonable prices. We also value short delivery times and environmentally friendly transport. Staying faithful to our philosophy, we have changed suppliers and offer new vacuum hoses with more features.

We proudly present our new line of vacuum hoses!

Goodbye LUX, hello FLEX!
Our LUX vacuum hose with ON/OFF-switch has changed its design various times during the BVC EBS history and gained more and more quality with every new change. Now we are collaborating with a German manufacturer that supplies us with hoses that have a new design, top quality and function. Through close cooperation with the manufacturer we have developed a sustainable vacuum hose with an integrated three-stage switch. The FLEX vacuum hose is unique in the central vacuum cleaner market and distinguishes us above the competition. The suction power can be varied from 0% to 50% and 100%. This function is only available from BVC, because it is designed for our customer´s requirements.
Moreover the hand grip is more ergonomic than previous models. The plastic tube makes it possible to vacuum directly on scratch-sensitive surfaces.

Please note: The reduction of 50% air power is only possible in operation with a central vacuum cleaner with TRIAG-control. This concerns all BVC central vacuum cleaners produced after 2006.
New vacuum hoses in stock 1

LED turns to SWIVEL

The SWIVEL central vacuum hose is named because of the 360° swiveling socket connection that simplifies the handling while vacuuming. The vacuum hose lays down perfectly on the ground and prevents the vacuum hose from kinking. An integrated potentiometer in the hand grip provides variable electronic suction control. The SWIVEL handle is equipped with an internal bar that makes the handle almost break-proof. The metal suction tube can easily be removed. This is a useful feature for solving blockages, or if you want to replace a damaged metal tube.

New vacuum hoses in stock 2

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LUX and LED are deliverable while stocks last.