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Zentralstaubsauger saugt Möbelzentralstaubsauger saugt TeppichZentralstaubsauger saugt Polstermöbelbrilliant cleanliness with BVC
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You decide!

• with or without filter bag

• analog or digital control technology

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Cleaning result, durability and technology convince in each regard.
BVC SILVERLINE is a part of the modern home technology.

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Modern home technology “Made in Germany”

BVC EBS Distribution GmbH is manufacturer of BVC central vacuum cleaners. The durable high-quality vacuum cleaners are developed, produced and tested in Germany (Northern Bavaria). BVC has more than 20 years of history, always with focus on highly efficient and hygienic cleaning solutions.  A variety of accessories and installation material completes our range of products.

Regularly cleaning your home, car and work areas helps reduce the risk of illness and keeps you healthy.
We are here for you during Coronavirus, so you can keep your home or property clean with our BVC products. Read more …

Vroom Retract Vac for your garage

New! Retractable hose system for your garage

Vroom Retract Vac is the retractable hose system for the garage. With the on-wall installation, vacuuming is easy and convenient. The vacuum hose disappears into the wall after use. Read more…

Versatile central vacuum cleaner

The versatile BVC central vacuum cleaner

In both residential homes and commercial properties, BVC central vacuum cleaners contribute to your well-being every day.
Read more…

certified central vacuum cleaner

Tested and certified by SEV

The Swiss association for electrical technology SEV has tested all BVC models and rated them as functional, safe and appropriate. BVC has received the SEV certification for all its central vacuum cleaners. Read more…