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central vacuum hoses, VROOM and WallyFlex

BVC presents its range of central vacuum hoses. Choose your favourite among the variety of vacuum hoses with ON/OFF switch, potentiometer or inlet-valve-start.
25600_On_Off Saugschlauch mit 360

On/Off suction hose with slide switch and rotating suction socket connection

The on/off suction hose is ideal if you simply want to switch the central vacuum cleaner on and off while cleaning. There is an integrated on/off slide switch on the handle for 0% and 100% suction power regulation. The 360° rotatable suction socket connection makes handling easier

Article no. 25600    Length  6.0 m
Article no. 25602    Length  7.5 m
Article no. 25604    Length  9.0 m
Article no. 25606    Length  12.0 m

The on/off suction hoses are also available in practical work accessory sets with 5 or 8 accessory items.
To the work accessory sets >>


MULTI-FLEX central vacuum hose with three integrated nozzles and ON/OFF switch

The MULTI-FLEX central vacuum hose consists of a textile cover made of braided synthetic fibres. This makes it durable and flexible. The three nozzles are integrated in the handle. Wherever you go, you take a crevice nozzle, an upholstery nozzle and a furniture brush with you. The integrated ON/OFF switch on the handle enables you to start the central vacuum cleaner.

Item # 14447    length  6,0 m
Item # 14448    length  7,5 m

MULTI-FLEX central vacuum hoses length 6 m and 7,5 m are now available with a three-stage switch. This means that the suction power can be varied from OFF to 50% and 100%.

The MULTI-FLEX suction hose is also available as accessory set with 3 or 6 practical articles.
accessory sets >>

FLEX central vacuum hose with three-stage switch for suction control

The FLEX central vacuum hose has an integrated three-stage switch. The suction power can be varied from 0% to 50% and 100%. The hand grip lies comfortably in your hand. The plastic tube makes ist possible to vacuum directly on scratch-sensitive surfaces.


Item # 25400   length 6,0 m
Item # 25401    length 7,5 m
Item # 25402    length 9,0 m
Item # 25403    length 12,0 m

SWIVEL central vacuum hose with potentiometer for electronic suction control

The SWIVEL central vacuum hose has an integrated potentiometer for variously electronic suction control at the hand grip.

The 360° swiveling socket connection facilitates the handling while vacuuming.


Item # 25450   length 6,0 m
Item # 25451    length 7,5 m
Item # 25452    length 9,0 m
Item # 25453    length 12,0 m

Standard central vacuum hose with vacuum strength control

Simple and good. By inserting the central vacuum hose into the inlet valve the central vacuum cleaner starts. The slide control on the handle controls the vacuuming power. The Standard central vacuum hose is perfect for the use in garages or workshops.


Item # 10898    length 6,0 m
Item # 10902    length 7,5 m
Item # 10906    length 9,0 m
Item # 10874    length 12,0 m

All suction hoses are also available as accessory-sets with up to 7 articles.
accessory sets >>


Vroom is a retractable suction hose that is directly connected to the central vacuum cleaner. The slim case can easily be installed in cabinets or closets and turns any central vacuum system into a powerful, quick-clean appliance. Vroom automatically turns on when the hose handle is removed. With the slide control on the handle the power of the intake air can be regulated. After use the hose retracts into its case and automatically turns off when the hose handle is replaced. Vroom is always there when you need it, but out of sight when you don’t.

VROOM telescopic tube and nozzle

The Original VROOM accessory set consists of a variable telescopic tube
made of a metal alloy and a 15 cm wide nozzle.
It is the optimal complement to your VROOM retractable suction hose.
The working lenght of the telescopic tube is adjustable from 49 cm to 77 cm.


Item # 25700    length 4,4 m
Item # 25702    length 6,2 m

central vacuum hoses, VROOM and WallyFlex 1
central vacuum hoses, VROOM and WallyFlex 2

Item # 25704



WallyFlex® is an innovative auxiliary hose for central vacuum systems. It is easy to use, practical and very nice-looking. The case can easily be installed everywhere in the house. WallyFlex® automatically turns on when the hose handle is removed. The hose can be stretched to 4 meters. WallyFlex® turns any central vacuum system into a quick-clean appliance.

central vacuum hoses, VROOM and WallyFlex 3

Item # 25720   WallyFlex® color white
Item # 25722   WallyFlex® color black

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