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Interessante Videos zu BVC Zentralstaubsauger und unsereren Zubehörartikeln finden Sie auf dieser Seite. Weiterhin unterstützen unsere Videos Sie bei der Installation ihrer Zentralstaubsauganlage.

BVC Videos

On our YouTube channel you will find interesting videos about the company BVC EBS as well as the BVC central vacuum and accessories.
We publish monthly a new video on interesting topics around the central vacuum. Subscribe to our channel to stay up to date. We look forward to comments and thumbs up! Is there a topic you want to watch a video about? Tell us!

Videos 1

Mounting the BVC rubber seal for the dust bucket

In this short video, BVC shows you how to mount the rubber seal on the housing of a BVC Central Vacuum Unit

Unboxing a BVC central vacuum cleaner

Unboxing BVC central vacuum cleaner S-series

BVC shows how to easily unpack the BVC S 600 and S 700 central vacuum cleaners from the shipping box and which accessories are included in the scope of delivery.

Change HEPA13 filter in BVC central vacuum cleaner

How to install and change a HEPA13 filter into a BVC central vacuum cleaner

BVC explains when and why you need a HEPA13 filter. BVC shows you how to easily install or change a HEPA13 clena air filter into a BVC central vacuum cleaner.

wall mounting BVC unit

Wall mounting of the BVC unit

The BVC central vacuum cleaner can be easily mounted on the wall in just a few steps. In this video tutorial BVC shows the fastest and easiest way to mount the BVC S 700 DE Blackline to the wall. These instructions apply to all BVC central vacuum cleaners.


Change of the dust filter bag BVC central vacuum cleaner

The dust filter bag of the BVC central vacuum can be easily exchanged in a few simple steps. In this manual, we will show you the correct procedure step by step and explain what needs to be considered.

change motor protection filter BVC

Change of the motor protection filter BVC central vacuum cleaner

The motor protection filter keeps dust away from the motor compartment, protects the motor and extends its service life. BVC recommends cleaning and changing the motor protection filter every year. In this video tutorial we explain how the motor protection filter on all BVC EBS central vacuum cleaners will be changed from the year 2010 onwards.

remove bvc central vacuum cleaner from wall mount

How to remove a BVC central vacuum cleaner from the wall mount

The BVC central vacuum cleaner must be serviced at regular intervals. To perform the service it is necessary to dismount the unit from the wall. We show you how it works.

Videos 2

MULTI-FLEX vacuum hose for central vacuum cleaner (German Language)

MULTI-FLEX vacuum hose with 3-stage switch and three integrated suction nozzles in the handle. Quality “Made in Germany”. The robust MULTI-FLEX vacuum hose with braided synthetic fiber textile cover has an integrated suction nozzle adapter in the handle. This means you always have a crevice nozzle, upholstery nozzle and a furniture brush ready. The suction strength can be changed from 0% to 50% and 100%. The hose is available in lengths of 6m, 7.5m, 9m and 12m. BVC grants 4 years warranty.

Videos 3

HIDE-A-HOSE retractable hose system for central vacuum cleaners

The perfect solution for quick and easy cleaning. Each retractable Hide-A-Hose is housed inside the wall. Simply pull the hose out to the required length for cleaning, attach the preferred tool for your cleaning task and switch the system on from the Hide-a-Hose valve.

Videos 4

INTEGRAVAC – The integrated central vacuum for apartments

Integravac is a revolutionary new central vacuum unit for flats and apartments. Installed either underneath or inside a kitchen cabinet or on the wall of a utility room, dust is collected in an easily accessible dust bag located inside Integravac’s drawer compartment. Integravac is compact but powerful and virtually silent in use providing a highly practical, innovative central vacuum solution for even the smallest of living spaces.

animal care central vacuum video

Animal care with the BVC central vacuum cleaner

Pets are freed of loose animal hair, dirt and dust in a very short time with the special suction nozzles for animal care. The BVC central vacuum cleaner is very quiet in operation and comfortable to use. Dogs, cats and horses enjoy massaging dust extraction. There are three different suction nozzles available – animal brush, comb for pet grooming, curry comb.

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