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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions regarding central vacuum cleaners? We have the answers! Check our FAQ page.

Regarding central vacuum cleaners there are many questions. On this page you will find most frequently asked questions (FAQ) and answers.

Our motto: As many as necessary and as few as possible. In order to reach all areas from basement to attic, the inlet valves should be placed appropriate to the architectual circumstances of the building. The suction hoses have, depending on the length, a radius of action of 6 to 12 meters.
A single-family home with a living space of about 150 square meters requires normally 5 to 7 inlet valves.
We recommend to install an inlet valve at the entrance of the garage in order to vacuum the car comfortably and thoroughly. With a pipe valve set it is possible to vacuum the room in which the central vacuum unit is located.

Distances up to 100 m are no problem. A properly installed BVC central vacuum system offers the same powerful cleaning performance at every inlet valve and won‘t lose suction over time. BVC offers units with various motor strenghts, so every building has a central vacuum cleaner with optimal performance.

No, provided that the pipes are properly installed. A so called safety bend is located behind each inlet valve. This is a short 87° bend that prevents bigger edgy objects from entering into the piping system. If, despite of this, a blockage occurs (e.g. vacuumed cloth fabrics), there are a few easy actions to solve the problem.

Due to gravity, large and heavy particles can not be sucked up several meters. There is a risk that the particles remain inside the piping system and fall to the deepest inlet valve. For this reason we suggest to install the central vacuum cleaner at the deepest point in your home.

Yes! Virtually any home, from new to decades old, can enjoy the cleaning power of a BVC system. The easiest way is to install pipelines into an inoperative chimney, supply shaft or open stairwell.There are always different installation possibilities. Everything is do-able. Your BVC Agent will be pleased to help you with your installation options.

The BVC central vacuum systems are designed for a long lifetime. Like all high performance products, BVC central vacuum cleaners need regular maintenance. The high-quality motor has to be protected against damaging dust particles. That makes it necessary to clean the motor protection filter once a year or to completely replace the filter. BVC recommends not filling the filter bag completely, since suction decreases with a full filter bag and can cause damage to the filter bag.

Ash and liquids should not be vacuumed direct into the piping system. This can cause damage to the BVC vacuum unit and cause blockage in the piping system. We suggest using our pre-separator, the ash-pot, to prevent ash and liquids from entering the piping system.

Material costs depend on the size of your building, the amount of floors and the amount of inlets you require. With the Do-It-Yourself method the system will cost between 1.500 and 2.500 Euros. Please contact your BVC Agent for a quote and service.

Airwatt is a non-standard measurement unit that measures the power and efficiency of vacuum motors. An Airwatt displays the correlation between air flow (in m³/h or Liter/sec.) and suction strenght (in mbar or hPa) by a defined orifice on the suction point.

The High Efficiency Particulate Airfilter is used if the exhaust air can not be routed to the outside (e.g. passive house). The HEPA 13 filter cleans the exhaust air up to 99,95 percent. The HEPA filter is placed in the motor cover.

If you have further questions or can’t find the information you are looking for, please contact us or your BVC Agent.
Phone: +49 9721 7857-0 or send an e-mail to info(at)bvc-vac.com

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