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hose accessories

Find your accessories for vacuum hoses - Telescopic tube, hose extension, hose holder, hose cover and Ash-Pot separator.

Telescopic tube, stainless steel
Light but nevertheless stable.
The working length is adjustable
from 55 to 92 cm.


Item # 10586

Extension for telescopic tube
length 350 mm,
material: stainless steel
It can be used with the model #10586.


Item # 10588

Hose extension for all controllable vacuum hoses, 3 m long
The hose extension makes it possible to enlarge the vacuum hose length when required.


Item # 25150

Hose extension for Standard vacuum hoses
The hose extension makes it possible to enlarge the vacuum hose length when required.


Item # 11064    length 3,0 m
Item # 11072    length 5,0 m
Item # 14414    length 10,0 m

QuickRoll hose reel
For vacuum hose storing.
Suitable for all vacuum hoses.

Quickroll hose reel for vacuum hoses

Item # 25882

Hose holder chromed, small
Hose holder for vacuum hoses up to 9 m.


Item # 10652

Hose holder chromed, large
Hose holder for vacuum hoses longer than 9 m.


Item # 10656

Hose cover – made of cotton
protects the vacuum hose from scratching and damages.


Item # 10744    length   9,0 m
Item # 10748    length 12,0 m

Ash-Pot ash cleaner 20 liters
The ash vacuum cleaner is used as an attachment to the vacuum cleaner or industrial vacuum cleaner. It is perfect for cleaning ash residues, fine dusts and coarse contaminants, e.g. in the fireplace, barbecue, workshop and garden. The device improves the life and suction of your central vacuum.


Item # 11026

Ash-Pot technical specifications
• Volume 20 liters
• Material: steel powder coated
• Plastic fine filter
• Vacuum cleaner connection Ø 30 – 40 mm
• Suction tube length with nozzle 115 cm
• Dimensions height 36 cm Ø 31 cm
• Dead weight 2.8 kg

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