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central vacuum cleaners in detail

BVC central vacuum cleaner in detail - Information about construction, analog and digital control electronics and Three-Filter-System.

Analog control system


BVC central vacuum celaners SILVERLINE S-range with analog control system.

The extremely stable housing of the BVC central vacuum cleaners is made of electrolytic galvanised steel, which is than powder-coated. The vacuum is mounted on the wall and directly connected to the piping system. The robust wall mounting of the S-series is equipped with two sound-absorbing rubber blocks.

Due to the special construction of our vacuum and the Though-Flow-Technology of our turbines our machines are rather quiet.

Soft-start of the motor
The soft-start of the motor prevents the motor from running at full power when the vacuum is turned on. Less Wear and tear and less vibrations when starting are the results. With the operation hour counter you can control your maintenance intervalls.

Control electronics
You can start the vacuum in three different ways:

  1. Hose handle start: this depends on the type of vacuum hose you have. We offer hoses that have ON-/OFF switches or valuable speed switches.
  2. Vacuum inlet start: by inserting the standard hose in the inlet valve the vacuum starts.
  3. ON-/OFF switch on the vacuum.

Detail view

Digital control system


BVC central vacuum cleaners BLACKLINE S-range with digital control system.
All BVC BLACKLINE models >>

Models with digital control system offer you more comfort and safety. The menu in the digital electronic box has five different functions which can easily controlled with two buttons. The display shows, depending on the menu you choose, different views. Beginning from the initial commissioning the display provides you with information at the push of a button.

Status: suction capacity level & motor temperature

Fill level:
Filter filling level

Leak test: test tightness of the pipe and valve system

Malfunction message: error messages in plain text

Blockage test: localizes clogged pipes



Thanks to the three-filter-system the exhaust air can be filtered up to almost 100 percent. BVC guarantees with this highly modern filter technology maximum hygiene and best protection against house dust allergies and asthmatic illnesses.

HEPA 13 filter
The High Efficiency Particulate Airfilter is used if the exhaust air can not be routed to the outside (e.g. passive house). The HEPA 13 filter cleans the exhaust air up to 99,95 percent

Motor protection filter
The motor generates a vacuum, which pulls the motor protection filter upward. The filter prevents dust particles from entering the engine compartment and filters the exhaust air. After use the motor protection filter falls back into starting position.

Filter bag
The filter bag is crucial for a hygienic and comfortable dust disposal. The  filter bag has a volume capacity of 16 liters.

NEW starting in spring 2017: CORDURA® Filter:

Two layers for more protection

The new two layer motor protection filter consists of a CORDURA® fibre on the inside, which stops fine dust particles from entering the motor compartment. Our satin fabric on the outside has a smooth surface, dirt simply falls off and is collected in the dust container.
There is a weighted center of the CORDURA® filter. When vacuuming the filter is pulled up by the underpressure. Due to the weighted center the filter falls back into the dust container after the operation. Dust particles fall off into the dust container.

CORDURA® fabrics:
– 10 x more resistant to abrasion than cotton
– 3 x more resistant to abrasion than polyester
– keeps dust particles away from the motor


In operation: The generated vacuum pulls up the CORDURA® motor protection filter into the direction of the motor.

Turned off: The CORDURA® motor protection filter falls down to its original position and shakes off the dust.

Vacuuming with or without filterbag? You decide!

If you are thinking  about buying a new vacuum cleaner, the question is whether you should buy a machine with or without filter bag.

With the BVC BLACKLINE and CORDURA® motor protection filter you can change your decision after the purchase. If the bagless method does not suite for you, you can easily insert a filter bag.

Advantages and Disadvantages of bagless vacuum cleaning
Basically both methods have their pros and cons. Here is an overview:


Hygiene: One disadvantage of the bagless vacuum cleaning method appears when emptying the dust container. Dust swirls up and will be inhaled by the person who takes out the garbage. Especially house dust allergy sufferers should use a filter bag. Filter bags can be changed easily and dust free.

Comfort: Filter care applies regardless of the central vacuum unit. Every now and then the motor protection filter has to be cleaned or changed.  The bagless unit demands for additional care. Dust and dirt sticks to the container, so it needs to be cleaned periodically.

Costs: With the bagless method you don´t need to buy new filter bags. This is the more cost-effective solution.

Environmental aspects: The bagless version does not make use of resources and does not produce waste.

Discover the durable and powerful BVC central vacuum!
BVC Silverline – the classic with analog control electronics and dust bag operation or BVC Blackline the modern hybrid central vacuum cleaner with digital control electronics and CORDURA® motor protection filter, which can collect dust bag-less in the bucket.

BVC central vacuum cleaner Silverline
BVC central vacuum cleaner Blackline