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New products in the BVC product range 2018

We would like to inform you about the latest changes in our assortment and introduce to you our new products.

NEW: Exhaust muffler plastic

Due to the cramped space in cellar rooms / utility rooms, we have designed a shortened version of the BVC exhaust muffler. The new exhaust muffler is made of plastic and only 25 cm long. It is especially developed for the operation in recirculation mode e.g. in passive houses. The client benefits from the cost-effectiveness and is able to mount the muffler space-savingly. Please note: With this muffler it is not possible to route the exhaust air to the outside of the building.

Item # 11824

New products in the BVC product range 2018 1

NEW: Accessory for VROOM retractable suction hose

Optional accessories for the VROOM retractable suction hose is now available. The Original VROOM accessory set consists of a variable telescopic tube made of a metal alloy and a 15 cm wide nozzle. It is the optimal complement to your VROOM retractable suction hose. The working length of the telescopic tube is adjustable from 49 cm to 77 cm.

Item # 25704

New products in the BVC product range 2018 2

NEW: Flexible pipe for VacPan and VROOM

For VROOM and VacPan installation we recommend to use a flexible pipe. The flexible pipe is already included in the VacPan Set “flex”. Now it is available as individual article.

Item # 11170

New products in the BVC product range 2018 3

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